Founded in 1996 as a small production company, with the years, Progetto Idea Stella, has undergone a constant evolution that allowed it to be present and to be appreciated in the domestic and international markets. Today the production of bathroom furniture is made entirely in its own structure of 8,000 square meters, characterized by innovation and technological leadership. Great care and attention are paid throughout the production process: from the raw material selection to the research of shapes and designs.The quality of the product along with the manufacturing system draw their inspiration from both artisan competence and technological efficiency. All along, we have created, selected and produced quality bathroom furniture with responsibility and at the best price.

Stella is the world’s finest hotels’ extra star

For the sophisticated guests of the world’s top hotels, the bathroom needs to be the purest expression of beauty, luxury and intimacy. For the directors of these hotels, the taps need to be reliable, solid and functional.This is what has made Stella a historic partner of the top international hospitality sector.

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