Purapietra is a brand of detailed ideas which are closely related to the historical competence of the Moscato family. Their 40 years of activity, collaborative efforts with historical influence and artistic genius have now been modeled through creative and poetic stone pieces, demonstrating each designer’s innovative abilities and inspired thoughts. The design of this brand is formed around the opulence of the stone which has everlasting beauty that is determined by the luminosity delivered to the many facets in the raw stone. Purapietra demonstrates its ever evolving value for its continuous craftsmanship and quality with new materials and elevated design through comprehensive research.

The elegant Italian design is brought forth through the details which make up for the exclusive elements of quality, value and luxury which are evident in the “Pensa la Pietra” line.

Innovation, Quality, Professionalism, Flexibility.

These things don’t happen by chance. Purapietra and its associate model marble with creativity and commitment. Piece by piece, projct by project. Our purpose its to always find new and innovative lines.Every piece is unique and the decisione are made under the supervision of the client and with our team work we will be sure to satisfy our customers.

What makes us competitive on the international market is our flexibility and the multiple treatment of the material everywhere in the world. If you demand perfection and uniqueness Purapietra is the answer. Aim high, never be satisfied, standing out is not enough, that is our motto.

You can visit Purapietra’s web site at: www.purapietra.it 

You can download the catalogs  here