The entire production cycle from the raw stone taken from the quarry to the finished product inside the house all take place within our company. By conducting extensive research of the most exclusive materials coming from the best quarries from every part of the world, the use of handmade ancient techniques and the most modern machineries such as water-cut and high pressure, we are able to provide our clientele with maximum precision. Our expertise is working with different types of natural stone such as marble, granite, limestone, travertines, and onyx while adding both ancient and modern final touches in order to create diversity. We also specialize in providing our customers with impeccable work in floors, backsplash, inserts, stairs, bathrooms, kitchen counter-tops, sinks, shower slabs and stone-caved bathtubs, and additionally, polishings and restorative stone repairs. Always attentive to customers and neighbors in every request and with great care to design the new line as shown PURAPIETRA.

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