Cottovietri was born in 1979 in the old village of Cava de’ Tirreni, few chilometres from the Amalfitan Coast and it is the author of a new motto in ceramics “cotto fatto a mano” (handmade cotto).
Not only regarding to the natural finish in the traditional models, but also a wide range of shapes, models and mostly enamels, some of which will be historical reminders of our production, as the “bianco vietri” (white vietri). In the middle of the 80’s “i decori” (ornaments) were added to the production range, the classical tradition of Vietri’s ornaments.
Years go by, the company grows and the market’s demands change. In the 1989 starts the production of “trasparenze colorate” (colored transparency), strong and brilliant colored enamels that cover even the most eminent villas and hotel of the Costa Smeralda.

It is just the beginning: in the following years, fashion, architecture and design inspired a constant change, often very sudden, but Cottovietri will continue exerting its appeal on a refined audience of connoisseurs with new colours and models lied on the handcrafted style and excellence of made in Italy.
To the shiny enamels collection are added the “Terre Colorate”, looking very minimalist and tactile. Experiments with new mixtures are started.

At the end of the 90’s, the company reaches the production of a wide new range of models, enamels and ornaments, but most of all Cottovietri it is the only one able to produce 200 cm plates from cotto mixture and realize the most part of its production to suite the clients requests and needs.Thanks to important investments production wise, since 2012 it produces a new kind of hand made cotto with a special mixture baked at 1200° that, preserving aesthetic features and traditional simplicity, has unimaginable technical qualities in spite of normal double baking: frost-proof, acid resistant, abrasion resistant, features that allow the new series “HT” (production code) to be used in public areas.

Manufacturing, unchanged still today, it is completely handcrafted and avails itself of skilled experts and carefully selected raw materials.   Quality, creativity, elegance and exclusivity are the main values of Cottovietri style that shrinks from the ephemeral trends of the moment and is expression of an attentive luxury, always with a personal touch,  that connects tradition and modernity.

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