Cotto Etrusco is pure MATERIAL taking shape and colours through handicraft and fire heat.

Our own experience began a few years ago when we purchased an ancient kiln in a place that was already well known in Etruscan times, and which is situated exactly on the borderline between Tuscany and Umbria. After an in-depth research on the ancient productions and an accurate restoration of the stone kiln, we re-established the production of these very special cotto items, which, in consideration of the age to which the kiln dates back and of its geographical site, we decided to name Etruscan Cotto. Just as in ancient times, we collect the clay locally and then carry out the mixing process according to an ancient handicraft technique followed by a slow natural drying process that takes place in the open air on the ground, and a 10-day baking cycle in exclusively wood-burning stone kilns. Thanks to this procedure our products are characterised by an exceptional soundness, but, above all, they also retain a natural look and a wide range of colour shades in warm hues that make the Etruscan Cotto a really unique product.

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