Founded in 1991 “Industria Parquet Fabriano” has become an Italian leading name for high quality wood flooring. Our experience of working and treating wood, from the best raw materials selection to drying and aging processes, has enabled us to diversify and increase our product range. Today with innovative collections and numerous patents, IPF has become a market leader in Italy and in Europe in wood flooring and exclusive interior decors. Coordinate our craftsmen ability with our painter’s fantasy. Floors of delicious artistic flair to create an exclusive atmosphere.Research, creativity, tradition, care for details. Four simple rules that allow IPF to have a leading role in prestigious wood flooring trade.

Our craftsmanship treatment and technology

IPF wood flooring is managed and worked fully respecting the laws in force in the countries of origin and following sustainable forest management rules. A continuous research allow us to offer innovative and high quality products. A testing series about wood resistance is necessary to grant quality and safety.IPF has performed important laboratory tests on wood products by Research & Developement Institute CATAS

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